About Us

Communities, Family, and Caregivers Services LLC, (DBA-CFC Services & Resources) is an organization established to assist residents of New York State and Central New York, facing mental, emotional, behavioral, educational, financial, housing, and business challenges. 

In this regard, CFC's mission is to provide advocacy, resources, and high-quality support services to people facing mental health challenges and education gaps in New York State with the goal of improving their mental health, education, and overall well-being.

As an agency, CFC firmly believes that every child and individual living in CNY & NYS deserves a safe and healthy life regardless of their physical, academic, economic, psychological, or social abilities. Also, we believe that it is important to provide equitable opportunities to support the skills necessary to achieve those goals. We will provide advocacy, support, mental health, resources, academic support, and other services to assist our clients in creating and living the lives they desire.